Ian’s first weeks at home…

Ian has had many firsts over the few short 3 weeks we’ve been home!  It has been so much fun  – meeting the first of many cousins, first Beach vacation, saw his first baseball game, swimming and tubing at a lake outing, digging in the backyard with his new brother, playing dress up as a family, roasting marshmellows (which he didn’t eat), swimming at the neighborhood pool, playing WII…..and so much more!  When he first came, he was very afraid of dogs.  I had known that he was bitten when he was young and was very afraid of them, and was a little concerned about how he would take to our dog Rexi.  It only took a matter of about 2 days, and now they are best buds!  He also gives lots of love to the kittens we have (who also need a good home –  anyone?!  ).

I would say, that overall, Ian has been transitioning really well into family life.  He seems to have a good intuitive sense and is understanding so much English already!  I think that he will be speaking fluently within a few months!   The other kids are having fun “babying” him and Ian eats it up!  I think there is lots of “babying” to make for!   There are power struggles (who’s really the boss here), but only one real major meltdown which was over the introduction of the household chore chart.  It became pretty evident  early on that Ian felt that if he whined enough, he could get his way.   I’m happy to say we’ve pretty much nipped that one in the butt already (well, getting there!).   A big one for Ian is whether everything is “fair”.  I can just hear the first phrase to come out of his mouth to be …”but it’s not fair”!  He’s always worried that someone got or did something that he didn’t do.   We understand that this likely from his background, but it sure is annoying at times.   The hardest part for me is managing the dynamics at home between Ian and our bio kids.  Some of the honeymoon phase has worn off and the kids are feeling a power struggle over my time and attention.  The transition is tough, and I feel stretched thin, but I know that we will work through it all with time, love, patience, and God on our side!

I  have been doing a little homeschooling with Ian at home, but he can’t wait to go to real school.  In this picture, he got all dressed up and put on his backpack to get ready for school!

I’ll try to update more frequently…thanks for continued prayers!


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15 Responses to Ian’s first weeks at home…

  1. rosemarie Sarra says:

    It’s so good to get an update. I’ve been thinking about all of you and saying prayers for a smooth transition for all.

  2. Susan A says:

    So glad to hear that Ian’s settling in with your family 🙂 🙂

  3. Casi Denton says:

    The pictures are fantastic. I am glad that he is getting settled. Can’t wait to meet my new cousin. Hopefully it’s soon. Love to all.

  4. Lisa Grace says:

    Found your blog while searching for Ukraine adoption stories; we are at the beginning of our journey and I love to read the stories of others. Congrats on your growing family!

  5. Jessica says:

    soooooooooooo glad everything is going well for your family. I read another blog where a family adopted 2 kids and their transition is definitely not as smooth as yours seems to be going. So glad Ian now has a family to call his own. Your ENTIRE family truly are a blessing to him! Thanks for sharing your story, you have no idea how inspiring it is!

    Sending much love from Jacksonville, Florida!!~

  6. Heidi Fox says:

    I first heard about special needs adoptions and Reece’s Rainbow through a fb prayer request for Ian and am so happy to be able to follow your family blog. The story of how how he’d ask every day if a family was coming for him is imprinted on my heart, and I pray that the Lord uses me however He’d like with other precious children needing a family. I’m so happy for Ian, and pray that the Lord blesses your family with every good gift as you continue to adjust. Thank you for posting pictures, you have such a beautiful family life and inspire me to create wonderful memories with my husband and 2 little girls.

  7. annie says:

    What a blessing to read this update. Thank you for sharing your experience as a family. Ian’s story has touched a lot of hearts. What a cutie, too! All of your children are beautiful. God bless.

  8. misserinc says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. What a wonderful blessing!
    It is so encouraging to read about this adoption, about how Ian is transitioning, and how your family is adapting and coping. As we eagerly wait for my sister’s adoption to be finalized (http://thedriedgers.wordpress.com/), it is nice to follow someone’s story who is just weeks ahead of them.
    God bless you!

    • 6 Fishies says:

      Ian, my daughter and I met your sister and her lovely family while they were waiting for their SDA appt in Kiev – we had dinner together numerous times and they were a blessing to me! I have been happily following their journey!

  9. Candace C says:

    Why the heck would you spell his middle name wrong on purpose???!

    • 6 Fishies says:

      It’s always interesting to see what people choose to criticize in light of such an incredible journey….All of our children have family names as middle names. Ian’s is after my husband’s name “Mathew” – misspelled at birth by his parents. He’s managed quite well with a misspelled first name throughout his life.

  10. Jessica says:

    I have been following your story since I seen the the prayer request for “Vanya” on Adeye’s blog! This ending is a miracle and I hope and pray you continue to share your journey!

    Blessings from Jacksonville, Florida!!

  11. ukrainiac says:

    Continuing to pray for the whole family as the Lord brings you to mind. Which sure is quite often!!

  12. Hey there, I found your blog and wanted to e-mail you, but couldn’t find your contact. Would you drop me an e-mail? Thanks! Jessica

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