On the way to America

So, I got off the phone with Kristin at 9pm, (so it was 4AM in the morning in Kiev) and she, Olivia and Ian were leaving for the airport.  I am so excited!  Tomorrow at around this  time we should be picking them up in Savannah.  A brutal trip home, but we will be together as a family tomorrow.  Praise God! 

Ian is very excited to be on his way to America and we are looking forward to being together as a family. Of course there is a threat of a hurricane for this weekend, but we don’t care.  We will be together!

Currently, me, Ayden and Annalise are in Hilton Head with Kristin’s parents waiting for Kristin and company to arrive.  Ayden and I are going deep sea fishing tomorrow.  We need to catch lots of fish to feed our expanded family.  This will be a great time for me and Ayden to hang out and do something together.  They are providing fishing poles to use and bait to catch our fish.  They are even going to clean our fish for us.  We will let you know how many we catch in another post.

Annalise saw a beautiful bride today who got married on the beach at sunset.  Her name was Amber and she even shook Annalise’s hand.  Ayden said that she had very nice hair and Annalise thought she was very, very beautiful.  This was the cap of a nice day at the beach, but we are all looking forward to spending time together as a whole family when Mom, Olivia and Ian arrive tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your prayers and we will keep you posted as we come together as a family.

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8 Responses to On the way to America

  1. JD says:

    What an incredible homecoming… so prayed for, so blessed. Praising the Lord for your family tonight!

  2. Rachel Wells says:

    Looking forward to family pictures with everyone in it. What is goimg to Happen with school? Duck

  3. Cheri says:


    So happy they are on their way home!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lela says:

    So, so, so excited for all of you!! Beautiful, inspiring family you have! Will continue to pray for you all.

  5. Lois says:

    I haven’t commented yet, but have been following your story. I’m so happy for your family. Praise God, for leading you to Ian. I’m so glad that sweet little boy finally got his family. 🙂

  6. brenda says:

    Can’t wait for you to all be together and to see some pictures!!! 🙂 Glad they are finally on the way!

  7. Anne Petitt says:

    I am just soooo excited I have goose bumps. I love Hilton Head it is great have fun. Praying everyone safe in Richmond where the earthquake was close too today. Cant wait to hear how everything is going. Be blessed and enjoy.

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