Almost made it….

Friday morning, we sat at the passport office for 1 1/2 hours – waiting for the moment that Ian’s passport would arrive, to then whisk off for his medical exam and then to our 2:00 Visa appt. at the US Embassy, in great hopes that we would be able to come home this weekend.  Unfortuantly,  it didn’t come in time for us to make our medical and Visa appt., and so we have  a few more days here.  We did get the passport later in the day, but we will have to wait for Monday to finish things up and hope to fly out Tuesday.  It was a great dissappointment, especially for Olivia.  We’ve spent a lot of hours waiting at various offices for documents to be completed this week.  She has been very patient.  This  in-between, transition time is hard and we are more then ready to move on.  We’ve cried some tears in frustration this week  – there seems to be little issues that have continued to arise with documents and timing that have added days to our stay, put us into another “waiting” weekend here  and jeopardized our yearly family vacation to the beach which has been scheduled for more than 8 month.  We had originally thought that we would be home for a few weeks before our family vacation for Ian to get his feet underneath him a bit before we went, and then to have some good bonding time at the beach.  We debated long and hard and prayed about whether to cancel it, since it is now upon us,  in case  it would be too much for Ian so soon, but in the end we decided to keep it.   Our other children have longed for this vacation time more so than any other year since we spent most of the summer away from them.  They have stressed that mom would not make it, and we feel they need this time with us parents.  Ian does love the beach – and has asked for it.  I think he might be surprised to find out that the ocean is salty (compared to the beach he has been to at the Black Sea). And the heat and humidy might be a lot for him as well.  But, we will see how it goes and will remain very very flexible.  Hopefully we won’t be having huge regrets, but Olivia, Ian and I will fly directly to the beach to join up with the rest of the fishies for a few days before we go home.  Please pray that it will be an incredible time of bonding for all our children, for us as parents to re-connect with our children and have wonderful memories of our first family vacation together.

Everyday gets a little more comfortable with Ian as we get to know each other.  It really does amaze me how much we have been able to communicate!  He’s not shy at all and will talk to about anyone. He’s quite the ham and as our English roommate, Jenny, has put it, “quite cheeky at times”!   We’ve discoved that he loves to take baths!  Most likely he wasn’t able to take then at the home.  He has spent over an hour in the tub – just playing – even after the water gets cold!!  He takes one every night! It reminded me of the excitement my other children had when they were younger , just splish splashing away in an imaginary water world of their own.  So very precious! (pictures – I promise next week)!   It’s been so fun seeing Ian learn and experience the world around him.   When we were in a clothing store the other day, he was asking why there was a round plastic thing attached to an article of clothing, and the sales lady explained how it was a security device and how it worked.  When we walked past a parking meter, he asked how it worked and Jenny explained it to him.   He is amazed and fascinated by the world around him!

At the same time it’s been hard work being a single parent to a newly adopted child, with a language barrier – especially not being in  our own comfortable circumstances and not  having Mat to be my sounding board and comfort.  I’ve felt very unsure of my self at times,  and questioned my parenting abilities more than once.  I’m still trying to find the balance of allowing choices so that he still feels in control of his new crazy life and not compromising too much, so that there are consistant boundaries.  I’ve felt a little at a loss about what to do sometimes but God gave me a verse yesterday which reminded me that He is guiding me along…Isaiah 42:16 “i will lead the blind by ways they  have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them, I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.  These are the things I will do”.  What  comfort to know that I am not alone on this journey, that my steps are being guided and directed, and that I have my saviour and friend with me at all times.

Thanks to all who have been and continue to be prayer warriors for us!

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2 Responses to Almost made it….

  1. Praying for you as you continue to wait.

  2. Tara G. says:

    So glad to see you this morning although I know you’d rather be at home with the rest of the family! Plus, it just blessed my heart to get to chat it up with Ian a few minutes and to hear how he so naturally told me about what “my mama has!”

    I’ve moved into Luke for my quiet time recently and was struck again with the depth of the phrase “…the time came for the baby to be born…” in Luke 2:6. Time is such a funny thing- it crawls, it flies, we use it, mismanage it, savor it, dread it…. yet it is a gift from God and so I pray that God just blesses you with much grace as you finish this leg of the race (and begin what is probably the harder part). Enjoy the vacation from the duties of home, the challenges of this culture, and simply rest and enjoy one another (and America)!! God speed!

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