Gotcha Day??….

I’m not  sure if “gotcha day” is when the court decree is finalized or if it is when we officially have custody of Ian.  My daughter and I arrived in Kiev yesterday  to find that Ian had moved to a new camp with his group several hours away and that he won’t arrive back into Kiev  until Wednesday, but our court decree became finalized  yesterday (Monday – also the day of my 18th year annivarsy!).  So, it’s a bit disheartening to FINALLY be Ian’s legal parent and not be able to be with him. least we know that Ian is an official Fisher (our 6th Fishie) and for that we are so thankful.  I think it won’t sink in until he is with us!   We were able to move forward with the legal process today.  We got his new official birth certificate today, and tomorrow morning will apply for his new tax ID number (which I think might be his future SS #).   It’s unclear to me how long we’ll have to wait for the tax ID number – possibly several days, and then we can apply for Ian’s passport!  I am praying that we can get home mid-August so that there is some time at home with all of us as a family before the other fishie kids go off to school.

On another note, my daughter and I had a wonderful but short time visiting our relatives in Austria (except that our luggage got lost – one bag arrived and one is still MIA). Because we had a special type of humanitarian ticket, we could make the quick stop over for only $100 extra!) We stayed in the village where my mom grew up.  It is the first time that I was there without my mom  (and I was really forced to drum up my German).   I missed walking the streets and walking up to town castle without her and  hearing the stories about her childhood.  It was quite some time since I was there last and I realized how much I want my kids to know about their heritage.  I also want to keep alive Ian’s heritage for him as well.  It will be more of a challenge since there is not much of a Ukrainian culture where we live, but we will try to do what we can.  If any experienced adoptive parents have any suggestions on how to do this, please share.

So, off to bed.  We had to leave for the Vienna airport at 2 a.m. yessterday.

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13 Responses to Gotcha Day??….

  1. Jenn says:

    Congrats!! I hope your luggage arrives soon.

  2. Amy says:

    So wonderful! Love that Oliva is along for the journey! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Congratulations on your new son!

  4. Melissa says:

    Glad you are there safe and sound.

    Gotcha Day is the actual day that you get Ian and walk out of the Orphanage for the last time. He will no longer have to sleep or eat in the orphanage for he will be going home to America with his forever family.

  5. We celebrate our “gotcha day” as the day we brought our boys home to the US. (There was 9 mths between court decree and travel date). I am so excited for you and I will pray for your luggage to get to you! I know you had some special things in there. One question, is 18 or 19 years?!? Love you all.

  6. Christina says:

    I wanted to say the same thing….so who’s right? bride or groom? is it 18 or 19 years!!! 🙂 Bless you both and the whole family.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been following your journey from Day 1! I’m so excited that he is finally yours! I’ll be praying for your transistion! And we will celebrate our gotcha day as the day we arrived and our children ran into our arms forever! (We haven’t got to celebrate one yet, as they have only been home 4 months!) 🙂

  8. thedriedgers says:

    Our family is in Kiev right now too. We could try to connect if you’d like.

  9. Winter says:

    I have been following you from another blog since your journey began. Congrats on you finally being able to get your sweet boy! Interestingly enough, I was bummed to find your best day yet protected. Maybe you would reconsider?

    If not, I wish you and your family the most of happiness!!

  10. Amy says:

    I’ve been following your blog since Adeye shared Vanya’s story. I’ve cried more than once. 🙂 Praise the Lord for everything He has done! I’m so excited for Ian and the rest of your family! I understand why your Gotcha Day post might be protected, but I’d certainly love to read it!

  11. Jessica says:

    My name is Jessica and I found your story from reading Adeye’s blog. I am so inspired by your journey and your story is amazing! I must say you and your husband share a great story and I can’t wait to read the next day’s entry. I noticed that “the real gotcha day” is protected and if it is private and you only want to share it w/your family and friends, I totally understand. I was just wanting to ask if you were now putting your entire blog on “private”? As much as I would love to read and here the ending to your beautiful story, I would most definitely respect your privacy as well… either way I will continue to pray for your family and for Ian and hope that his transition into your family is smooth and that this continues to be a blessing for everyone involved! Thank you so much for sharing what you have so far as it has totally changed my view on a lot of things including HIV.

    Sending lots of blessing from a prayer warrior in Jacksonville, Florida!
    ~ Jessica

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