Back in Kiev

This is Mat here and I wanted to update everyone on what is currently happening.  I know we owe everyone some details on our court appearance, and we will get to that soon.  However, I wanted to let you all know where we are in the process and what is currently going on.  Kristin left with Olivia (our eldest) last Wednesday to go back to Kiev with a stop off in Austria.  Kristin’s mom was born and raised in Austria and we have some very close family friends that she went to visit.  It was a short visit as Kristin and Olivia woke up at 2am today (Monday) to leave for the airport – a 2 hour drive.

Of course, only 1 of the 2 pieces of luggage ever made it to Austria.  Now that was crazy.  Neither piece made it to Vienna with them and at first they thought it was Kristin’s luggage that was found in DC and Olivia’s that was still AWOL.  However, after some shopping for Olivia, the luggage arrived and it was the blue luggage (Olivia’s) and not the red piece after all.  So we then got contacted today that they had found Kristin’s luggage and it was in Vienna.  Only one small problem, was that Kristin and Olivia where in Kiev at that point.  Now, this is when it gets good. Being the resourceful husband that I am, I located the address where Kristin is staying in Kiev from Karen’s FB and passed it along to Kristin’s dad, who got it to Austria Airlines.  Only one additional problem.  The address was an old address and I didn’t double check it with Karen, like Kristin asked me too, and didn’t realize that the street name on FB started with a different letter…  So, we do not know if the airline will be able to overcome this false trail, or my wife will be a week without any of her clothes. So, if could pray that Kristin’s luggage finds her, that would be great.

I only got to talk to Kristin for about 5 minutes today, but I have to be content with that as it was 4 more minutes then I have had since Wednesday.  I will say that going from spending 24×7 with Kristin to a regulation of 6 minutes in 4 days is no fun.  I miss my bride terribly, but I know that it is all worth it.  We found out that the court decree was finalized TODAY!  We thought it was going to be finalized on last Friday, but for whatever reason, it was today.  So, now we are officially the proud parents of 4 children!  That is what I call an awesome anniversary present.  Yes, today is our 19 year anniversary.  Praise God for the 5 gifts that He has given me on the 8th of August, the 3rd of May and the 11th of October.

So in memory of our 19 years as man and wife, I have included some old pics of us.  These bring back some great memories we have shared together and the chapters of life we have had.  I love you Kristin and cherish our memories and I am blessed to walk through life together with you my love and my best friend.

Annalise enjoying dinner time

Ayden enjoying some summer fun!

Olivia enjoying a walk

Ian enjoying his traditional Ukrainian outfit

Kristin and Mat enjoying the sunset

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2 Responses to Back in Kiev

  1. Myndi Shafer says:

    It’s finalized! Congratulations! So very happy for you, Fisher family…

  2. Stacey says:

    I have been a silent follower since Ian was originally posted from Adeye’s site. But i came by to check again and it is password protected! Oh I sure hope you share some pictures to us visitors I have been looking forward to seeing this day! To see his smile once again! Blessings to you for safe travels!

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