Reprieve at home….all is well

So, so sorry to not have updated.  We thought we had done a quick update about how court went before we left Ukraine, but apparently we just thought it in our brains and didn’t actually type it.  In any case, court went great!  The very first question the judge asked Ian (can’t remember what it was), he responded with an English “yes” and everyone in the room ( all 9 of us in a little room, not a real courtroom as I had envisioned) laughed!  The judge seemed pleased with our answers and Ian told the judge that he will have a sister named “Olivia”, a sister named “Annalise”, a brother named “Ian”, and a dog named “Rexi”.  When the judge asked him about his friends, he cooly answered her that he will stay in touch with them via the computer.  We celebrated with icecream and a nice lunch!  Wahoo!  Thanks to all for your prayers.  Now, the waiting period, and both Mat and I decided to return home during that time to love on our kiddos at home a bit.  It was hard leaving Ian and we think of him everyday.  We are hoping to be able to skype with him tomorrow, but are having some trouble getting that arranged.  I’m glad I did come home, it has been a sweet time with my 3 fishies.  And I think it has helped prepare them and make them even more excited  for Ian’s homecoming!  They like hearing stories about him.  We are currently at my oldest daughter’s championship swim meet!  She has 3 top 15 finishes in our state and it has been such joy to watch her swim again!  We have been wondereing if maybe Ian will be a swimmer…..a soccor player….a biker…..a nature lover….what will be his bent?  What will be his God given talents and abilities?  We can’t wait to find out!  More later – back to the swim meet we go. Oh, and at the swim meet, I met a man and his son who immigrated from Ukraine 11 years ago.  We’ve had some interesting conversations – so cool!   I’ll be heading back to Ukraine next week with my oldest after a breif stop over in Austria to visit relatives.  Again, sorry for the delayed update and thanks for all your prayers and thougths!!

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4 Responses to Reprieve at home….all is well

  1. Anne Petitt says:

    Thanks for updating, Enjoy your swim meet and Family. Didn’t realize you lived in Richmond Virgina I have cousins who live there and work in the hospitals in Richmond. Have church there ect. Fun. Be blessed Anne

  2. Lela says:

    So glad that everything went well. Was worried since you hadn’t written that maybe all had not gone well. Congratulations to your daughter on doing well at swim meet. Enjoy being home and your family and will be praying for you all, that all will continue to work out to the glory of God.

    • megan says:

      So glad court went well! My husband and I went on an orphan care trip to Ukraine last year and God really used that time to work in our hearts. We can’t wait to adopt! We live in Lexington, VA. If we’re ever near Richmond, we’d love to meet you.

      Praying the 2nd trip goes smoothly so Ian can be HOME!!

  3. Maaike says:

    I’ve been thinking of your family and Ian every day. I’m so excited that he’ll be coming home soon. How are things going? Did Ian already have his “Gotcha” day? Are Ian and Olivia having fun together? I’m so happy that Ian will have such a wonderful family. Bless you!

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