Countdown to Court and a day trip out of dodge!

I felt so bathed in prayer last Sunday – even the international chruch we were visiting in Kiev with our host Karen was praying for us, and I know that so many others were too!  Thank you! Prayers have been answered and we are counting down…..court in 2 short days, and then home for a short reprive before coming back to finish up the process and bring our boy home!!

Kristin and a friend of Ian’s enjoying a banana!

Originally, I was going to stay in Ukraine during the 10 day waiting period, but since I’ve already been away over a month, I feel that I need to go home and love on my kiddos waiting at home.  I will have missed so much of the summer with my kids when this is all said and done (still have about 2 more weeks when I return), and I don’t want to do anything but be with them when I get back – no committments, no appointments (except a haircut – a must), no obligations, just fun and cuddle time. Oh, and to finally see the 3 kittens our cat had the day after we left for Ukraine! I think we will all need this, as our lives will begin to be much different when I return home with Ian.

Momma Chasing Ian – will she catch him?

When I return to Kiev, I will be bringing my eldest daughter with me!  I am so thrilled that she will have this opportunity to come to Ukraine, see where her new youngest brother has lived for the last few years and help to bring him home.    I feel torn that I will be leaving Ian, but he does  understand that I will be back, and seems very exicited to meet Olivia.  He says “mamma, Ian, Olivia..(then the hand motion of an airplane with sound effect)…America”.  “Da Da”, I say.  It’s exciting, but of course, the closer we get to the reality of homecoming, the more I am thinking about the uncertainity of what lies ahead as well.  The transition, both for our kiddos at home and for Ian into our family, the change in our family dynamics, the bonding with Ian, parenting a child who has been abadoned by his parents  (and most likely lots of other experiences/issues we haven’t learned about yet), communication…oi, it’s overwhelming.

Ian’s room at the Center. His bed is the one on the right, and there are 2 more beds in this room.

It will be hard, and many obstacels to overcome I know… the road may not be easy, and I will be giving up a lot of myself especially for at least the next few years….but everytime I think about how God so clearly orchastrated this,knowing that we are doing exactly what we have been called to do, brings me comfort and peace.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning of a huge lesson on reliance to the One who is Great and Almighty.  In this stage it will be our prayer to keep Psalm 119:133 in sight.

Kristin and Karen (who runs a ministry called “Hospitality in Kiev” – such a blessing she has been to us and others!

So, finally having a court date allowed us to plan the next few weeks of our lives (rather than feeling continually ” on hold”), and Mat and I decided to relax, take a day trip out of Kiev to a city called Lviv.  We took the night train, arrived at 6:30 a.m. and began exploring one of the most charming citites I’ve ever been to.  The city has so much old beauty  and character, and I really felt like I was stepping back into time.  I even got to use my German and talk with people!  We were blessed with the perfect day, and ended the day eating at a Jewish restaurant where you “negotioate” your bill.   The day passed by so quickly, we could hardly believe it was 9:30 p.m. and we had to head back to the train station for our overnight trip back.  Of course, the souviners were half the price than in Kiev – if we had only known!!  But,  I am thankful for the little get-a-way with my husband and the memories we will have from it.

Kristin and Mat with  Lviv in the background @9am

The Babushkas selling their fresh veggies and fruits along the street in Lviv @ 2pm

In Rynor Square in Lviv getting ready for a little tour at 7pm

Toasting to an awesome day at 9pm. Thank you Lord Father!

In a bit, we will go visit Ian for one of the last times.  It’s proabaly a good thing because some of the camp staff have been getting grouchy with us….not really sure why, but they told our facilitator that they are getting tired of having to explain all the time why we are there to the plethera of workers at camp.  I suspect there are other reasons.   It may actaully be one of  the last times that we will see some of the other kids that have been Ian’s family for the last 2 years.  When I come back, they will have moved his group to another camp that is about 200 miles away before returing to Kiev at the end of August.  Ian will not go with them and he will hang out for a day or so until the court decree is final, and he can leave to be with Olivia and I in our apartment.  We are bringing the kids some gifts and I will try not to think about how this may be the last time I hug on them.

Just three of the kids that we will miss loving on…

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4 Responses to Countdown to Court and a day trip out of dodge!

  1. I see these littles and it’s all I can do to keep my tears in check. I’m so glad you are getting closer to bringing Ian home! You all are such an inspiration. 🙂

  2. Maaike says:

    So excited to hear if court went well. Is Ian a Fishie now? You’re probably on your way home. Or all exhausted from travel. But when the time comes to write on the blog, I’ll be thrilled to hear more! 🙂

  3. Lee-Anne says:

    Eagerly awaiting news and trusting that all went well at court and that your delay in posting is simply due to technicalities. Keeping you in our prayers.

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