Thankfulness for you….

We had intermittent conversation with my mother-in-law as she frantically tried to help my 3 fishies at home get ready for their neighborhood swim meet….we could hear   things like “where are my goggles,  what snacks should I take?, water?, I need my towel, you NEED to get ready NOW” etc.  Then, the reinforcements came, my dear neighborhood friends took over with managing my 3 extra in addition  to their own during a hot, long, storm delayed meet. Then, again, today, dear friends will get my twins to VBS, and my oldest to her swim practice, and then my dad will travel 6 hours to get to  a big swim meet
that my  oldest daughter has  ( which we were sure dad would be home for, and very bummed that it won’t be so).  And on it goes everyday… the generous giving of time and patience that many  friends  and family continue to give,  managing the daily scuffles at home,  getting kids where they need to go, carpooling,  mowing the lawn, pets, lots of
patience, and the  extra love to my kiddos while they are missing us, and of course prayers of people that don’t even know us, prayers from people all around the world (even a ministry team in  Switzerland!)…..I could go on and on….because there is SO much, that SO many have given to continue to help us bring Ian home.  We are so thankful
that God has put each and every one of you into our lives.   I want to say so much more than just “thank you” – I wish I could give you all a hug and smooch this very second.  Today, I woke up feeling discouraged at how slowly things are going, I’m feeling sad that I’m missing so much of the summer with my kids at home, that I’m not eating watermelon with them, that I haven’t been there to cheer them on at their swim meets, or provide comfort when they have needed…  so I’m trying to keep my focus today on  how  blessed we are, in particular, by our  dear friends and family holding down the fort and the many that continue to pray for us!

Everyday we hope and pray to hear that our court date has been scheduled…and for sooner rather than later…maybe today will be the  day.

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6 Responses to Thankfulness for you….

  1. Pam in Tennessee says:

    praying for all you you!

  2. Diana Walker says:

    I am praying for you to have the peace that passes all understanding as you wait for the Lord to move in this situation. I think that is the hardest place to be sometimes, the waiting place, but it also teaches us so much about our dependence on our great God! His timing is perfect! Believe me when I tell you I am also talking to myself here! 🙂 We can’t wait to be waiting in Eastern Europe, for now we are still waiting here while she waits there…We are praying for you and so happy for you all! God is good! No surprises in Heaven! Loving the posts and especially the videos of your beautiful interactions with your son!

  3. Rebecca says:

    hugs to you!

  4. Hoping and praying for a court day in the very near future.

    Love from Aus

  5. So glad I got to speak with you yesterday. As a runner, you know what it takes to finish that last stretch…don’t give up, soon and very soon you will all be together again! We miss you and love you! Now that we have moved, I hope to get a few this wk for playdates. Praying!

  6. Annette says:

    Remember there is a reason and a season for everything. He will allow the court date in His timing. Apparantly He feels you have many more summer days to spend with your other kiddos and have a lot more of those days to catch up with Ian. Will continue to pray Ian and you both home!

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