No court date yet…

We have our official SDA approval (the office that is closing in 3 business days) and we are praising God.  Unfortunately, a court date is not  anywhere in site.  It just so happens that our court is doing their bi-annual reporting this week, which means, they won’t even begin scheduling until next week.  Best case scenario, we get an appointment next Tues or Wed (July 12 or 13th).  Worst case, might be that we don’t get scheduled until sometime the following week.  That was tough news for me to hear. 

Good news, he still likes his snacks!

Our kids at home had a tough weekend and are really missing us.  My oldest has a big swim meet in two weekends that she really really wants daddy to be home for.  Dad can fly home after court, but I will need to stay for the 10 day waiting period and then another few days to finalize birth certificate, passport, medical etc.( an additional 2 weeks)  I am so praying that we get a court date for next Tuesday or Wed.   I love being in a foreign country, it’s such an adventure for me (the food, the sights, the people) and we’ve made some great friends here already (we even got to go to a Fourth of July cookout with hamburgers, smores and fireworks with some other American families/missionaries), but being away from my kids at home is hard. 

Celebrating the 4th of July in Kiev with fellow Americans

Shortly, I will be ready to take Ian home to begin our new adventure.  But, no matter the timeline for court and my  possible extended visit, I do resolve myself that all is happening in God’s perfect timing.  God has so clearly shown us His hand in our  whole adoption process – from our calling to adopt, to hearing about Vanya only 2 months ago, making it so clear that he is our son, to getting us here before the SDA closes and all the details in between.  So,  I remind myself that “for everything there is a reason and a season” – seen or unseen, and I will hold onto that. 

 Mat and Ian playing Picture Dominos

We continue to bond with Ian everyday we visit.  We try to spend time alone with Ian and then some time with Ian and some of the other kids.  The kids all love to hang on Mat and they are starving for a  father’s attention. Recently, Ian has asked that we just spend time with him which we willing have done.  Today, he asked 3 friends to hang out with us.  We had a great time playing games, picking from the fruit trees, and playing in the rain.  Unfortunately, we did get in trouble for allowing the kids get wet. 

Playing in the rain

Taking shelter from the rain in a shelter that leaks…

My guess is they don’t usually get to do that, and then we understood why they thought it was so much fun!  Ian has asked us when he gets to come home, and we used a calendar on the phone to show him a possible date (we picked a date that was beyond what we are anticipating so that we could be safe and also because we couldn’t really sign language the uncertainty of it).    Every time we see him,  he counts down how many days are left…he is counting down, and so are we…..

Picking berries and apples

Proud of the apples we pick – talk about tart apples, oh my!


Ian and family talk… >>>

Ian’s favorite video >>>


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5 Responses to No court date yet…

  1. brenda says:

    That WAS a pretty awesome video!!! 🙂 I certainly pray the court date will be sooner rather than later…but I am glad you are getting all these videos and spending time with him. These will be so precious later!

  2. curlyspry says:

    so sweet! I am very happy for you. I wish you all the best in getting all things done…and you are right, its Gods time. when the bonding is just right, it will all fall into place…and you will all get to go home.

  3. brooke says:

    That’s odd, all of the kids here were locked outside in the rain yesterday…. US included. It was not fun.
    In God’s timing.
    I am so excited to see Ian’s excitement!

  4. Julie says:

    hang in there, you guys! not having your children by your side is difficult and makes some minutes seem like hours. but keep a positive outlook, vision of all going as planned and it certainly will! best wishes!!

  5. We miss you! Love the videos! God will work it all out…don’t worry!! Love you.

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