“He finds all the snacks”

Of course Ian has quickly caught on that when we come, we have brought him a little snack.  He will search every zipper, pouch, every corner of my purse and backpack for something else yummi to eat. 

Ian looking for food in the back pack. Shortly after this picture he disappeared into the back pack.


Now he looks in my purse for some goodies.

Another day is just another day of searching through my purse for food.

On one of our first days visiting, we had brought 2 snacks for Ian, and had some snacks for ourselves in our backpack for later in the day when we were going to be out and about.  Needles to say, he ate his snacks, ours, and the group snack, and then went to lunch!  We find it amusing, as you can see from the picture we took of him.  But, it did get me to thinking about the whole food issue for a child who lives in an orphange versus my children, at home, who can open the pantry or refridgerator at any time and get a snack (within reason).  In an orphange, food is not readily available. It is strickly scheduled, portions are controlled, and you don’t get a lot of choices.  You don’t get to run to the Kroger or Wal-mart and pick out what you want for lunch for the week.  Of course, sometimes I think I give too many choices, but at least there are choices to be had.  It reminds me that there will be so many transitions for Ian – many obvious and many, many more not so obvious.  I do pray that God will give me lots of  wisdom and insight on how to help Ian transition into our family and a new way of living life.  

Video Link: “He finds all the snacks.” This video was from Thursday and the two pictures above where from Friday and Saturday. 


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3 Responses to “He finds all the snacks”

  1. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness When he says pappa and mamma I bet it brightens your day! Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  2. luba says:

    When he looks into your purse and says – Mama ty bagata, it means – Mom, your’re rich! ))) And then he says, well, let’s read this little note… etc. If you need any help with translating, let me know. Russian is my first language. He is such a joy!

    • 6 Fishies says:

      Thanks for the offer – we might take you up on that! Ian always counts my $ in my purse, and I probably haven’t had more than $20 or $30 US dollars but he probably never usually gets to see even that much money!

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