Granola was a hit!

Today, when we walked up the sidewalk, Vanya saw us from a far and came running with his arms outstretched! That memory will forever be ingrained in my brain (and hopefully one that will remain there for the days when the envitale honeymoon period ends).  He seems to be a thougtful boy, who easily shares with others, but also has an attitude of “I can do it by myself”!

Today,  the rain stopped (for a short bit) and we could be outside.  It’s  a good thing, because there was a different medical staff person there who wouldn’t let us inside – like we were contaminated or something!  She kicked us out when she saw us with kids having their a.m. snack time.  The other staff  members were apologetic, but we were respectul.  We had a great time playing with all the kids (and of course there are some others that have my heart already) and then had some special alone time with Vanya.

Vanya and some of the kids

We had brought some granola cereal (the small Kellog’s boxes) and he loved it! Especially the raisins.  We played some games – which is our primary way to connect for now. 

Playing Manopoly Deal – in Russian!

He keeps talking to us like we should understand him, which is hilarious.  We got to see a little of “summer school” and saw what he is doing.  He clearly likes math, which won’t be too much of a problem since at least the numbers are the same in English and Ukrainian.  However, he’s not as fond of writing, and since he will have to learn a new alphabet, we will most likely have challenges ahead.  He’s had two years of school, but they don’t start school until 7 here.  But, education is taken seriously here – there is an almost 99% literacy rate – one of the highest in the world (according to a source I read recently).  Finally, it was time to say good-by.  We won’t be able to visit tomorrow since our facilitator(Sasha) will be getting some paperwork ready (government re-opens tomorrow), and then we will all have to go to the notary.  We are soooo grateful for such an awesome facilitator, and for Chris and Mary Malone from Eli’s Project (  They have such a heart for adoption and have taken such good care of us. 

We got the official e-mail that states that the SDA will be shutting down July 11th and that if any familes are currently in Ukraine, that they should contact the emabassy with contact into.  Of course that made me initailly anxious, but, then I remembered who was really in control and that He has already told me that we will bring our son home.

Vanya showing us how he can climb trees, just like Ayden and Annalise

 Mat and Vanya sharing some Granola

Vanya taking a picture of Kristin in front of the Pavalion.

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10 Responses to Granola was a hit!

  1. L.O.T. says:

    Beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Femke says:

    What a loving story and what great people you are!
    I followed Vanya’s story on Adeyes website and now I am following our website as well.
    Such love, such joy.
    I wish you all the best for the future!
    Femke – The Netherlands

  3. ukrainiac says:

    Sigh. I could read these happy posts all day. And I do!

  4. Pam says:

    and I do too!

  5. Myndi Shafer says:

    Love it. Absolutely love it. Will be praying for the July 11 date… GOD IS GOOD!

  6. Becky says:

    I am loving following your journey! My daughter has triplet sons and has wanted to adopt a daughter – that little girl on Vanya’s right in the picture is a cutie! She has felt tugged towards Russia. Praying for you and Vanya! He’s a charmer!

  7. Faye Neese says:

    I have not stopped thinking of your son and the time that you are experiencing with him. I pray daily for you all. Today I had breakfast at McD’s with Donald and Cameron, after they left I sat there and read the latest and clicked on the link that you had posted. I was sitting there all alone looking at a computer screen with tears flowing. And the GOOSE BUMPS, the Holy Spirit is moving. I want you to know that we are looking after your other fishies here in VA. They are doing well. Everyone is keeping them busy. Your parents are wonderful and you are so blessed to have them. (I know you know that but, I wanted to say it anyway.) I cannot wait for you guys to return with your son. Olivia will be selling “Go Yellow” caps with me tomorrow at “Wachy Wednesday”. I thank you for her. Well, I better get off to bed, I am driving to VBS tomorrow. Oh yeah, Donald is going over tomorrow to fix the irrigation system. No worries. LOVE YOU GUYS and give Vanya a big hug from us.

  8. Dee says:

    Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated! I am so happy for your family and Vanya. I hope you continue to blog about life with your new son!

  9. SR says:

    I’ve been following Vanya since I learned about him on FB. I am so happy that you’ve found him. 🙂 God is awesome! Your blog blesses my heart.
    In looking at your blog, I’m curious. Do you have any information on the boy beside Vanya on the first picture. It looks like they are good friends. I’ve been praying for him and was just wondering how old he is and what his situation is. I remember when I started praying for Vanya they were thinking of moving him. I’m wondering if there are plans that this boy will be moved as well?

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