We’ve Arrived and SDA

We arrived safely after a long flight to Kiev.  Fortunately, we didn’t have a real long lay over like those in this picture.

And have been so blessed to be able to spend our first day in Kiev with Jim and Marianna Peipon, missionaries from Ukraine Medical Outreach (who are doing awesome things here).  We’ve been able to learn a little more about Vanya from them as well as enjoy some great fellowship.  Our facilitator is great!  He’s good friends with our new missionary friends here, and seems to have good morals and ethics.  Another detail that God has taken care of for us – especially when you live at the mercy of the facilitator to take care of every little detail in the adoption process.  We had our SDA appt today, and our facilitator is currently hard at work to make our first visit with Vanya happen tomorrow afternoon!  We are praying this can happen because there is a long holiday weekend coming up and we if doesn’t happen tomorrow, we have to wait until Wednesday. That will be hard.  But God is bigger, as we’ve already experienced today.  While we were waiting for our SDA appt, an official came out to where we were waiting and with a much worried look, told us that Vanya was not in the official registry to be able to be adopted.  A few phone calls later (and much silent praying)  it was realized that they were looking in the wrong region for his file, and things were cleared up.  Then, we had to sign an official document that stating that if our Interpol clearance wasn’t complete before the July 11th SDA shut down, we would be going home without Vanya.  Thankfully, it was already done.  Oi!

So, what I know about Vanya….He’s in a unique orphange where he has had good care.  He’s had 2 years of schooling, likes math, but not writing (hmmm…sounds like my other son).  He’s active, doesn’t sit still for too long, has leader like qualities, and is affectionate.  His parents officially lost their rights to him in 2009.  He has an older brother (half?) who lives with the father  There is the possibility that the father was in prison during the time when Vanya was conceived, so the father does not believe Vanya is his son, and does not achknowlege  him.  No one knows where his mother is (or if she is even alive), and suppossibly led an immoral and reckless lifestyle.  Hopefully we will learn much more tomorrow!

The  director asked Vanya  “what if a family was coming for you?” and he got very excited.  She then asked, “what if they came from a different country and didn’t speak your language even”?  and he said “that’s OK, my momma and papa will teach me”.  That just makes me cry!

Here are two pictures at the Dnipro River that me and Mat walked to last night before we went to bed.

Thanks to my dear friends back home who got our bedrooms rearranged so that Vanya has a bed when he comes home and for helping cat  deliver her kittens!

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9 Responses to We’ve Arrived and SDA

  1. Chris M says:

    Happy tears. Vanya is going to find out that he DOES have a mama and papa after all after all these years of thinking noone loved him. God is good.

    Praying for a Saturday meeting! And so glad things have worked out so far. There are lots of bumps coming on the road and even some huge pot-holes. But God already knows about it and is way bigger than any of it. Praising Him for His greatness and His power that He is exerting on behalf of Vanya and the Fisher family!

    Chris & Mary

  2. brenda says:

    So he still doesn’t know for sure he has a family??? Oh my word. I cannot even imagine his reaction. Praise God!

    Praying everything works out well. Obviously the Lord is completely in charge!

  3. Adeye says:

    “My mama and papa will teach me.” Oh my gosh, that makes me cry. Happy tears here.

    I absolutely cannot wait to see pics 🙂

  4. ukrainiac says:

    I got goosebumps reading this and AGAIN my eyes filled with tears. And I heard it straight from your mouth before reading it…we are so humbled to get to be a part of this amazing unfolding story. Thank you, God, for being involved in the details of our lives.

  5. JD in Canada says:

    Serious optical leakage happening here… this precious boy’s prayers are being answered, God had your family for him all along, and he’s about to make up for all the years he felt abandoned and unloved… oh, to be a witness to his reaction, I can’t even imagine….!

  6. Shelly Schewe says:

    This made me teary-eyed, Vanya sounds like such a sweet boy. I am so excited for you all and can’t wait to hear about you meeting your new son for the first time!

  7. Lela says:

    My heart melts for that sweet little boy after his comment about his parents teaching him their language!! Oh, how I wish I could see his face when he meets y’all. I’ve been following his story from the blog, No Greater Joy Mom.

  8. Jamie says:

    After seeing Adeye’s first post about Vanya, I hit my knees and cried out to the Lord to provide him a family. I even told the Lord we would adopt him if He called us to. I see kids advocated for all the time, but there was something about Vanya…as if I have to tell you that 🙂
    Anyway, I am so happy to follow your blog and I cannot wait until his dream finally comes true and you get to hold your son! I was in tears once again reading about what the director asked Vanya and his response. I think we can all feel the excitement he must have!!!
    Thank you for allowing us to watch your journey, especially after praying so much for sweet Vanya, it is a blessing to see him meet his family!


  9. Molly says:

    Ok, his quote is unforgettable. That, right there, is the beauty of adoption. OH honey, I am so glad you found him.

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