Meeting Vanya Tomorrow!

We successfully got our referral for Vanya and have arranged to meet the inspector and then with Vanya tomorrow afternoon!  I can hardly believe how close it is!  Getting our referral tomorrow means that we can then visit him on our after that.  If we hadn’t been able to get it today, we would have had to wait until next Wednesday because Ukraine has a holidays on Monday and Tuesday next week.  God  just keeps showing his hand in this so clearly.  To celebrate, our facilitator took us to lunch in his favorite restaurant in his hometown – it was a stuffed chicken dish with some kind of sauce I’d never tasted before and it was fabulous!  I can’t wait to taste more cuisine!  Then this evening we get to sit out with the Peipons on their “Balcony Cafe”!  Did I mention how well we are being taken care of here?!

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Mat and Sasha at our celebration lunch!

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13 Responses to Meeting Vanya Tomorrow!

  1. Adeye says:

    Just amazing. God is so good!

    We’re so happy for you and cannot wait to meet Vanya.

  2. JD in Canada says:

    God’s hand has been in this SO beautifully and so powerfully all along!

    Would love to hear more details about what (if much) Vanya has been told, how they’re preparing him for this, how he’s reacting to this, etc.

  3. ukrainiac says:

    I shouldn’t be astounded by God’s goodness…He’s proven Himself over and over again…but I am just in awe of how He has worked all of this together.

    (Meet you at the Balcony Cafe in 10 minutes?!)

  4. brenda says:

    YEAH!!! So happy you will get to meet him tomorrow and even more happy that HE will get to meet you guys!!! 🙂 What a happy, happy day!

  5. Diane says:

    What wonderful news! I’m so excited for you and for Vanya! Praise God!

  6. Myndi Shafer says:

    Such lovely news! We don’t know each other, but my family has been praying for yours and your new son for the past couple of months. SO thrilled to see God working in your lives!

    My family and I are warriors for a little girl @ Reece’s Rainbow. She was recently taken off their lists of adoptable children because of the changes that are about to take place in the adoption laws in her region. Our hearts are just broken for her. I know you’re incredibly busy, that your plate is full with life-changing stuff right now, but I was wondering if you would email me. I have a question (really more of a favor) to ask of you. If it’s simply not possible for you right now, I get it – no hard feelings.

    I hope these next few days are filled to the brim with the kind of happy only Jesus can give!

    Myndi Shafer

  7. Mom - Grandma Fisher says:

    What an amazing adventure you are on – all three of you. Actually, all 6 of you. We continue to pray…….

  8. Praying for you! God is so AWESOME!

  9. Carrie says:

    Amazing! I can hardly wait to hear what He’s going to do next!!!

  10. Anne Petitt says:

    I have not got in this yet posting anything but tomorrow is SPECIAL and I wanted to say I am a follower and FAN of Vanya and I am just ecstatic for you all I prayed and prayed for Vanya we was paper ready for Russia not Ukraine But God already had a plan for that precious child and you all are the blessed ones of the rest of the story. I cant wait till he get to lay his eyes on you for the 1st time tomorrow. God has moved the mountains we prayed that God would move in Jesus name. I am just amazed at how much God did do in such a short time. It is from my understanding after the 8 days he gets to come home for good. Praise be to JESUS. I know he is just as giddy as you all are. I know you will but please take lots of pictures I want to see that precious little boys face. Vanya is of Russian and Hebrew orgin and it means God is gracious… The name is so special and it shows the Character of God in this situation.. When I up for nights interceding for the precious child God led me to look up his name I never dreamed 1. that is was Hebrew and 2. never would of guessed its meaning. I don’t know why but i felt it is important to let you know this Today. Even in his situation God gave Vanya his name even if his momma didnt know why she gave him( Vanya) his name BUT God knew it has an awesome message of who HE (GOD) is. Your new son’s name means God is Gracious and that is exactly what He has been in this situation He heard the heart cries of this wee child and has given him the desire of his heart. I went to church the Sunday after he had been posted I was just broke I stood up and in the middle of church said I cant play church today threw tears of brokenness it was almost like God has given me this childs pain so I could just pray for him. Knowing there was a child that needed a momma and papa who was going to be institutionalized if God didn’t move mountains that day the whole church gathered around me and we literally cried out in sobs as a church interceding for Vanya. Your situation and Vanya has given us HOPE in many ways in our own Journey.
    Vanya \v(a)-nya, van-ya\ as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Vanya), is of Russian and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Vanya is “God is gracious”. Diminutive of John via Ivan. Rare outside of Russia. for Vanya.
    The night before was when God revealed the meaning of his name. I dont know why I am telling you this but the name He gave me was Vanya “Chance” Vanya means God is Gracious
    Chance means: Lord of judgement. ( God is a God of Second “Chance”s)
    God judged in your favor and in Vanya’s.
    I am so Happy for you all I know he will be very happy and very blessed in your family. I have wept for you tears of your last attempt for your adoption not going threw. God has put every tear you shed in a bottle and now he is redeeming it. God bless praying for you all. Anne Petitt

  11. Dear Mat & Kristin, I’m Lee-Anne from South Africa (& Adeye’s hometown 🙂 and I am so extremely happy that this day has finally come and for the whole beautiful way that God has led you to be Vanya’s family! I’m supposed to go out and couldn’t get my make-up done cos I can’t stop crying from happiness!! You see, we are one of those families who were so deeply touched by Vanya’s sweet little face when Adeye shared about him on her blog. Even my kids were talking about “if he could be our brother” but it was not our time now. So we are happily following your blog and have been and will continue to pray for him and you and your whole family and extended family because it impacts everyone in your lives. Like my husband just said, we wish we could be a fly on the wall when he meets you and of course my mother’s heart is thinking about the first time he sees his new siblings, your home, his bed… oh my goodness, even just America! What a big adventure lies ahead for him! And we’ll especially pray for the language barrier to be bridged quickly.

    One day when he’s well versed in English and old enough to fully understand God’s love and plan, he’ll be amazed to find that God has used him to touch countless people, most of whom you probably don’t even know about. One of those, besides us, is my 9-years-younger-than-me sister, with no kids, and no plan of having any soon… when she recently visited she walked past our prayer board and saw a sticky note with just the name Vanya on it. She immediately teared up and told me how she was touched by him when I shared it on Facebook. Wow, I didn’t even know she saw that!

    Praying for you often. Much love and blessings in the name of our Lord,

  12. Jessica says:

    Praying for you all!!! Thank you, Lord for your goodness and provision!!! 🙂

  13. Lee-Anne says:

    I was so excited I forgot to say something I’ve felt very strongly but I saw Anne Petitt mentioned it already: about Vanya’s name meaning God is gracious. God knew the plans for this precious boy and he was named Vanya for more reasons than just naming a child. We know that every child must be hoping and longing for “has a family come for me yet?” but Vanya verbalized it and I felt as if he knew in his heart that his dream will come true (we would say it as “I know God has told me He will provide for me”). God is gracious, He will send me a family. Indeed, He is gracious.

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