Hurry up and wait….

The  “hurry up and wait” game is on!  It’s been a week since we had our paperwork submitted, and typically it takes about two weeks to hear about an appointment.  But, of course,  I check my e-mail obsessively to see if maybe, just maybe, by some chance, we might hear sooner.  Maybe it’s a good thing.  My husband’s family is taking us and all my husband’s siblings and spouses, all 10 of us, on an expense paid trip next week.  Wahoo! I hope it will be  a time of relaxation after the craziness of the last few weeks.  If I hear from the Ukraine sooner rather than later, my brain may be in overdrive thinking about all that has to be done before we bring Vanya home, instead of enjoying paradise.

I am realizing that I really need to get cracking on getting us connected with resources available to us.  I thought I had the Fall to do it, but with the new timeline, I may only have a few weeks (which I am totally OK with).  SO,  what I think I need is to get connected with other families that have adopted older children, adopted from Ukraine/Russia, and appropriate  medical resources.  One of my biggest supports is my friend April that adopted two older children from Haiti, but it she is being called away from me to serve in Haiti..I’d like to argue with God on that one, but I know better.  In any case, if anyone has suggestions/resouces that has helped them that they would like to pass onto me, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.   I recently joined FRUA.

On the family note, we bought Vanya’s bed this weekend at the Dump (not the real dump, but a overstock/slightly damaged type of store) .  It is a bunk bed that Ayden  will share with Vanya.  It will make the room very tight, but  it probably won’t be anything Vanya isn’t used to.  Ayden, who picked out the bunks, will need to adjust a bit, but seems more than willing to do so!  Annalise would also like to share with Vanya, but it’s time to keep the guys and gals a little separate.    We went down to the river on Memorial Day to a place on the James that we like to hang out as a family.  The kids talked about bringing Vanya with us next time, and discussed what he might think/do.   It made me very happy to hear them planning our future family outings to include Vanya.

But, for now, we wait……


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5 Responses to Hurry up and wait….

  1. Brooke says:

    Having been submitted on the same day, it might give you peace to know our dossier was “checked on” today and the SDA had not even looked at it yet… so, I am certain we still have time. Enjoy your trip 🙂
    There is a Ukraine adoption group on FB, and on yahoo. FRUA chat is great, but there are loads of technical glitches these days which is annoying. Not sure where you live, but see if you have a local chapter of FRUA. My co-worker adopted from Russia and is very involved with FRUA. I havent gotten to involved in the activities yet, just a few fundraisers… She does LOADS with them. A great resource, Im sure.

    • 6 Fishies says:

      THanks – I connected with the FB group! Obviously you have a main line to your facilitator – that’s great! Any news as to why some families are getting appointments and others aren’t?

  2. annie says:

    So sweet to hear about your kids planning the next trip with their new brother!!! Blessings.

  3. JD in Canada says:

    There’s just something about knowing that the boy we’ve prayed so heavily for now has a bed ready for him in the U.S…. this is all coming together so beautifully.

    I’m so excited that Vanya has a family who loves him and eagerly waits for him. I pray the wait is gentle and the rest of the process as smooth as can be! We’re in the adoption journey too, we know it’s a roller coaster!

  4. I am not going to Haiti until I see Vanya in the flesh. 🙂 Besides, we can always skype my dear friend!!

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