Submission Date is here….

Well…the last of the paperwork has all been sent off and received in the Ukraine and tomorrow is our submission date!  Yahoo! I sure wish we could know right away whether we are approved and our travel dates, but it will probably be another two weeks of waiting.  I haven’t heard any of the rumors as of late for a mid-June shut down and so far adoptions have continued to be processed.  I really don’t feel concerned about a shut down..I have a peace…you know the one, the kind that “surpasses all understanding”….I had it when we finally made a decision to adopt from the Ukraine as well.  When I finally decided to listen to God and pursue the possibility of adopting again, we went in wide open….first looking into domestic, then international, asking God where we should go for our child?  Haiti again?  Ethiopia?  The new program in Serbia – that’s where I wanted to go.  With my mom from Austria, I at least felt I could identify with some of the culture.   And the promises..”.healthy children in abundance, easy and fast process, we’ll hold your hand through the whole thing”…but something didn’t feel right.  I pushed a little more, spent a couple of hundred dollars to send in our application, but God kept bringing the Ukraine up.  Hmmm….not really the most stable of countries….in fact, even while we were praying about the Ukraine, there was a vote to shut down back in December  (didn’t happen).  But,  God kept on saying, it was the right place…This week God confirmed it again.  I got an e-mail from agency that had opened up in Serbia to say that there have been some problems, some fishy business was going on (not with this particular agency), but adoptions were on hold for now….Thanks God for your protection!  And I know He continues to protect us and bless us through this.

I had my first dream about Vanya.  It was a little bizarre, as dreams sometimes are.  But, in the dream he was a mature teenager, and I was walking and talking with him.  My son Ayden was with me, but he was still 9 years old.   Weird.   Speaking of my bio kids, I am so thrilled about how excited they are.  Especially Olivia, who, being a tween, was probably the most reluctant to have her world changed upside down by a new addition to our family.  Now, they talk about him daily, making plans with him, asking all sorts of questions…my heart is so joyful over this.  But, they are also more clingy to me than usual.   We took the dog for a walk, and having only two hands to hold, but three children, a fight ensued about who would hold my hand (forget about dog!).  I was touched and annoyed at the same time, but I realized that they sense the transition.  So, I just have to remind myself that a little extra dose of patience and quality time are in order.

So, for now, we wait some more, and pray that our paperwork will be processed quickly with the SDA and that there will be no problems.  THanks to all that have been supportive through your posts!

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6 Responses to Submission Date is here….

  1. Wow, I have been following Vanya’s story for quite some time, as we are also approved for HIV and were building our dossier at the time… However we’re only approved for girls… and my heart ached for sweet Vanya. I prayed he would find a family and he did! And we are also submitting our dossier for daughter #2 tomorrow! Wow how things line up and make me say WHOA. I wish you all the blessings in your travels to your sweet, adorable little boy.

    • 6 Fishies says:

      Goodness – we may actually be in the country at the same time! I will be praying for your situation as well! I haven’t had time to look too in depth at your blog yet, but want to pick your brain about how you are preparing/resources for HIV. It wasn’t something that we had really considered until Vanya…

  2. Jaclyn says:

    My heart was so heavy when I first read about Vanya, and it is so amazing to read about him coming home to his family!!! He is such a gorgeous little man and I am so thankful you found him. God is so good!!

  3. Hillary says:

    I believe in the power of prayer and will definitely be praying for you. God is mighty. He is in charge. Let him walk with you through this amazing journey. Vanya has a mass of people thinking of him, and a beautiful family with their heart and arms open. Thinking of you and your family

  4. I am part of the yahoo group called hivadoption and that has been a HUGE help. I have been dealing with our insurance company, but may have finally figured it out. As an FYI, the consulate in Ukraine has been asking for a letter from your insurance company saying they will cover your HIV adopted child, so you might want to get that in advance. I have also reached out to our ADAP group in our state and our PID clinic here too. Both have been a wealth of information.

    • kristin Fisher says:

      Thanks for the resources – I’ve requested membership into the yahoo group and looked into ADAP for our state. So, submitted today, and now we wait. What have you been hearing about the possibility of a shut down and what has been going on as far as appointments?

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