Blogging and Praying

Welcome to our blog.  I’m boldly proclaiming that we are now the “6 Fishies” (not just 5), because I believe that God has clearly led us to Vanya, and hope that the newest “fishie” will be with us this summer!  So many of you have been following Vanya’s story, and we have been so humbled and blessed by your prayers and generosity.  Thank you!!

So, let me start with a brief update of where things are to date, and then I’ll begin to work backwards in other entries with the most amazing God story of how we came to know about Vanya,  and our journey.  We had enough of our paperwork ready (because we were already pursing a “blind referral” adoption from the Ukraine) and with the amazing help of Eli’s Project, were able to get it to the Ukraine in time ( just in time – another story to come) so that Vanya would not be transferred to another institution.  Once transferred, he would no longer be able to be adopted (leaving him in the world of Ukrainian institutions until he aged out, and then to the streets).  But now, he will has a family, our family,  and we have a submission date of May 25th and we are beyond ecstatic!  We are frantically getting the last pieces of our dossier paperwork together to send over.   Typically, travel is 5-6 weeks after the submission date, so that would mean that we would meet our son in July!

But, of course, there has to be a “but”, there are talks about the Ukraine shutting adoptions down soon.  This is where we still need lots of prayers.  There are strong rumors that the Ukraine will shut down in mid-June for possibly 3 months for a reorganization (last time they shut down, it was for much longer).  If that does happen, we will not be able to get Vanya home, for who knows how long. Plus, we don’t know how a shut-down would jeopardize his previous transfer status, and if possibly, officials may go ahead and transfer him.  So, please pray that God works that out.  I think I’ve exceeded the unofficial blog limit, so I will end here for now.  If you don’t know all of Vanya’s story, you can read up on Adeye’s blog.  Here are three of her blogs that give some of the story behind Vanya -> Dream Come True Giveaway >> So So Urgent >> When Dreams Become a Reality.  It is an awesome story of Adeye, following the prompting of the holy spirit, which  started an incredible campaign to find a family for Vanya (of which we knew nothing of when we started this) – again, another entry for that whole story.

Thanks to you all for also being a part of our story and adventure!

Kristin and Mat

For His Glory!

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9 Responses to Blogging and Praying

  1. Heather says:

    Oh. I’ll be praying. He’s so beautiful!

  2. Gwen Smith says:

    I’ve added you to my blog list and will be praying for you. Congratulations on this beautiful boy!

  3. Jill says:

    I’ve been praying hard for this little boy since I read about him on Adeye’s blog! I wish we had already started the adoption process… I wanted to get to the Ukraine and bring that boy home with me! He’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to see pictures of him and of his Gotcha Day!! Bless each of you for giving this boy a wonderful home! God will make it happen!!

  4. Nikole says:

    May God bless your family as you work to get sweet Vanya home. He is a faithful God who hears the prayers of His saints and delights in providing for the needs of His children. Vanya needed and God provided! Praying that He will continue to pour out His blessings and provision. I’m excited that you all are blogging about your journey and look forward to following! Blessings!!!

  5. Amanda says:

    I am SO excited for you and for Vanya! I’ve been following his story since Adeye started sharing it, and even posted about him on my blog. I will be praying for your family that all goes smoothly, and that Vanya comes home quickly! I’ll add you to my list of blogs so that I can continue to keep up and share in your prayers.


  6. I am so excited to follow your journey. Blessings to you and your family ❤

  7. Danielle says:

    We have prayed for you before we knew who you were! Now we can pray over your faces! Praise God in Heaven!!! I just love to watch Him move mountains.

  8. Ginger says:

    Praying for God to be glorified in your adoption. So excited for you!

  9. JD in Canada says:

    So excited that you have started blogging about this!! When we saw the story on Adeye’s blog, and had prayer vigils for Vanya and your family, even though we didn’t know it would be your family! Nice to “meet” Vanya’s forever family!! We continue to pray for this process. We’re adopting too, we know what the ups & downs can be like.

    Vanya has inspired many people to begin the adoption process — what a beautiful legacy God has begun through him!

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